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What is a Fashion Film?

At this point within the fashion industry  I don’t think this question has been answered and there are a variety of interpretations of video-fashion pieces. Really there is no agreed upon definition of ‘fashion films’… yet. In my understanding are two types of “fashion films”

A “fashion film” to enhance the designer collection and brand, by showing a short film based on a story with a clip sequence (beginning and end) .

The other one, is   pretty much like a fashion editorial…but with movement, a glorify fashion editorial ‘better suited’ to digital consumption on media like an iPad. By add elements of movement and sound, you are given further tools to communicate your vision.

Of these two types, I have agreed to go for the first one.

Fashion films have proven to be much broader. For example, fashion designer Gareth Pugh has introduced his new collections using fashion films that were introduced at the same time as his runway shows

The advantage of FASHION FILMS are that while people in one part of the world can experience the runway representation of his brand, people all over the world could experience the brand through a film that communicated the tone, movement and approach of his collection. They were pretty amazing short films.

Technology is moving fast, and we must move accordingly.

Art in Fusion TV together with many other Artists  have produced  several films and video projects ​

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