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Art – In fusion

Art is beautiful, art is emotive, art is passionate.

It affects the mind and the senses; art inspires. Art does not only appeal to the eyes and ears but it touches the heart and invigorates the mind.
Therefore, art is not just music _ neither classical nor modern _ nor is it just painting. Art is not just photography nor fashion, art is not literature _ neither prose nor poetry _ nor is it sculpture. Art is not just film: art is an amalgamation of all of these. Art is an Infusion.

A painting can inspire or shock, cause happiness or sadness, in the same way that a poem can move people and can touch the heart. Likewise, a film can provoke the mind and similarly music can have the same effect: a lullaby or harmonious melody can inspire and awaken emotions.

Artists can tell you they are a photographer or they are a painter, but also say they do not like each other’s art. Do they therefore dislike art? An artist is a person that sees all these satellite components of art revolving around them and can call them all art.

Rebeca set up Art - Infusion to demonstrate this, her love of art is not just for painting, or music, nor for any other form, but art itself. For her, all the diverse concepts revolve around her to form art.


Art-Infusion holds a number of  exhibitions every year, to show art as a combination of all its aspects: an in fusion. The exhibitions can display music, film, painting, photography, fashion and literature, while there is space to relax -converse and party.

Art-Infusion is a fantastic opportunity to experience more than one forms of art in one exhibition and for artists to have their  art recognised by influential people in my circle.

Art in Fusion have the advantage in having an in house Media production company- this innovative feature give us a leading position in this field - and a vantage possision to anyone that takes part or gets involve with us -as our  events will be available to be watch in  our own
ART on line TV Channel, open to millions, open  to the world .

This gives artists the opportunity to promote their artwork, upcoming exhibitions, videos and other relevant information to MutualArt’s dedicated and reach a global audience. The aim is to help to promote hundreds of talented artists, aiding in the advancement of their artistic careers.


Art in Fusion & ART IN FUSION TV



The environment and method that we follow is creative and professional, we infuse that professionalism to young talented people from the start of their careers and in no time they see the benefits of such strategies. To artists that showcase their work through our international TV platform or events, we guarantee thousands of viewers and a new fans audience. More importantly, we bridge the gap between artists and patrons for the arts, which allows our protégées to carry out their craft and make our world a better and more beautiful place. We feel it is important to nurture such talent and help it grow, for the sake of our society and our own future. We look for talent that share our visions.



Art-Infusion holds a number of exhibitions every year to show art as a combination of all its aspects: The exhibitions can display music, film, painting, photography, fashion and literature, while there is space to relax -converse and have a good time.


Art in Fusion have the advantage in having an in house Media production company, our partnership with QareyFilm. This innovative feature gives us a leading position in our field - and a vantage position to anyone that takes part or gets involved with us. All our events will be available on our own online TV Channel, open to millions, open to the world!


 Adding to that, we recently launched Art in Fusion TV in Los Angeles.  Our team based in Hollywood, California, puts us in touch with the wonderful world of Tinsel Town. Furthermore our new joint-venture with media international company will land us in the middle of some of the world’s most famous and glamorous events. This media partner is suppliers of events such as the MILAN FASHION WEEK, FESTIVAL DE CANNES and FORMULA 1.



This collaboration means more exposure and, of course, more opportunity-ties for young artists on a global level.


As a founder I continuously receive proposals to work in alliance with established partners that seek our expertise and services.


Our professionalism and dedication have drawn people from all kind of fields.


Our online channel has been seen by more than 111,000 viewers weekly and our Production Company has received countless proposals from all around the globe just after our first fashion Movie, currently we are working in our 3rd fashion movie that will be premiered after LA JOLLA FILM festival in LA.



Below are some names of the companies and personalities we have worked with during the past 11 months.




  • L’Oreal

  • Carlo Pazolini

  • Johnson & Johnson

  • Adidas

  • Static Management

  • Miss United Kingdom Supranational

  • Lamborghini Ltd

  • Liquid Strings

  • Burn Out Punks Circus

  • London Society

  • Creative Outdoor Media

  • SpotVision

  • Villa Ibiza

  • Gran Canarias

  • Miss Motors UK

  • Melia Milan Hotel

  • LCA Business School







  • Stency Kidega – FASHION DESIGNER – bespoke couture

  • Aurelia Markez – Mexican Government – tourism  & international affairs

  • Joanna Spyrou _ Miss Monaco Grand Prix 2012

  • Rachael Howard – Miss United Kingdom – 2012

  • Laura Summers – International Model and TV Presenter

  • Kaja Wunder – Actress (James Bond 007)

  • Stuart Phillips – Celebrity Hairdresser (Guinness book of record winner)

  • Karen Chamberlain – BBC presenter

  • Rebecca Ferdinando – Blockbuster actress

  • Harriadnie Beau Phipps – The Face – International Super Model

  • Simeon Williams’s _ Young International Government representative UK

  • Paul Robinson – Graphic designer and resound Painter & Photographer

  • Rocky S – Bollywood Movie producer and designer

  • Ralitsa Dzhambazova _ World champion body lifting

  • Roanna Dunsford _ dancer and Model

  • Walter Stojash – Celerity Stylist

  • Angela Molineux – Opera singer

  • David Serero _ Music producer and Opera & theatre singer

  • Maria Cuji – Designer

  • Zekaryas Solomon _ international award winner designer

  • James Hock – Designer

  • Sola Cash – Designer

  • Marco Andrade – SpotVision Representative

  • Liam Byrne – UK TV and International Model

  • Adelina Yurevicha _ International R&B Music song writer

  • Daniel Leigh – International Music sing writer and Radio presenter

  • Jordan Jackson – Musician

  • Kerri Parker – Playboy Bunny resident

  • Cristina Eastwood _ philanthropies and Designer

  • Martin Bartnicki _ Photographer

  • Dirty Epics _ Irish Band

  • Duccio Zambrini – PR and events

  • Pily Mirazi _ PR and Fashion Events Spotlight Fashion

  • Rita Pessanha – Artist and Designer

  • Joao Carlos Abreu – Ex Minister of Tourism and Culture Madeira

  • Paola Cecilia Bertha _Journalist

  • Lisa Tucker – Actress Vampire diaries

  • Rabih Laz – American Graduators – 3 times Mr Olympia International

  • Candice Mallen – Go City Girl

  • Danish Wakeel _ Fashion Designer and Model

  • Clive Sutton – BESPOKE SUTTON


With the said partnership of Qareyfilm our main objective is to attract branding awareness and financial profit to our new associates and partners.



What can we bring to you? 







Introductory events –Shows & Press Events


  • We can organise an exclusive or a collaborative launch Party tailor specifically for your company

(Depending on your allocated budget)


  • PRESS events : Inviting the Media and Bloggers (option of video interviews of your  management team and yourself)


  • Networking and marketing opportunities




We currently have a contract with various media company around the world. These international companies are in charge of broadcasting, media and advertising in several major events such as Monaco, Milan, Montreal, Abu Dhabi, Paris, Florence, Cannes and London. Thanks to this, Art in Fusion TV can showcase all our productions, videos and give our clients and partners a huge advantage and saving your company a huge amount of money getting the international recognition you aim for.





•             Meeting Buyers

•             Meeting Clients

•             Internet Market Distributors

•             Advertising in prime locationS


as we will include any Visual work we produce on the displays – on line channel and international events.





To strengthen your brand we will introduce you to many influential personalities that will enhance and make your company known as a product/ application to use.



  • Actresses

  • Models

  • Business People

  • Misses and Beauty Pageants

(Please see out list of clients and personalities we have work with)






We can bring our team of Fashion and media experts to create “a sophisticated powerful Visual content” for your marketing campaign

Photo Sessions – with editorial resolutions.



  • Brand Session  shooting – website visual content

  • Video – for website and shows

  • Spot Adverts – for website and shows

  • Flyers/ Cards/ Stickers/ Postcards

  • Pop Up roller banners



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